11 electric Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo Z. E. has joined the fleet of DTEK

The company “DTEK Kiev power” presented a new fleet of electric cars, consisting of 11 electric cars: 4 hatchbacks the Renault ZOE and 7 vans Renault Kangoo Z. E. the Latter come directly from the factory and is equipped with a diesel stove for auxiliary heating in the winter without using energy traction batteries.

11 electric Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo Z. E. has joined the fleet Tecnavia electric vehicles are intended to replace outdated cars and become a part of the updated fleet, where in the future will be dominated by electric vehicles.

Head of motor transport Department and the General Director of “DTEK Kiev power”

As noted by the leaders of the company, the acquisition of 11 new electric vehicles — one of the stages of concept, DTEK, which was developed in the year 2018, the use of electric cars in the industrial sector.

“DTEK Kiev power” has purchased 11 Renault electric vehicles

The main criteria when choosing a car was:

  • maximum efficiency;
  • the ability to transport staff and workers of the cargo;
  • the minimum range on a single charge 170 km.

According to these criteria in evaluating the market, the choice fell on the Renault electric vehicles that most meet the required objectives.

11 electric Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo Z. E. the company “DTEK Kiev power”

7 of the 11 electric vehicles is specially equipped vehicles for the work of the mobile teams of the company. With their help the specialists of DTEK will be able to improve their mobility in the city and faster to travel to various calls to repair power grids.

For what purposes you will use the electric Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo Z. E.

4 electric vehicle will be placed at the disposal of masters, whose task is the installation of electric meters, that is, a group of employees that has the most need for quick transportation over short distances in conditions of frequent Jolly ranchers and tubes, leading to downtime and unnecessary fuel consumption.

The head of motor transport Department Kryukov Alexander V. talks about the benefits of fleet of electric vehicles

Simultaneously with the purchase of electric vehicles, the company “DTEK Kiev power” carried out works on provision of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Now on the territories of DTEK in Kiev features 6 charging points with a capacity of 22 kW, so a change of work crews and charging the car will take place in parallel during shift change and coaching, which on average takes 1 hour. Thus, electric vehicles can remain in service with the required reserve.

The infrastructure of Kyiv, which will charge electric cars “DTEK Kiev power”

Were also signed contracts with filling stations of Kyiv that offer charging stations to electric vehicles, the company was able to charge during the work shift. In addition, DTEK electric cars can be recharged at 10 stations affiliate network STRUM.

On their own sites for company in Kiev features 6 charging points with 22 kW power. According to estimates of the company “DTEK Kiev power”, the average annual car mileage is about 54 000 km When using the electric cars at this mileage, the company will be able to save only one fuel about 85% of funds and about 50% on maintenance. The money saved can be spent on modernizing power grids of Kiev and to reduce engineering costs, which are an important component of electricity tariffs.

The benefits of electric vehicles

Comparison of maintenance cost of Renault Kangoo Z. E. and UAZ-Patriot

Of course do not forget about the key positive effect of the use of electric vehicles by the staff of DTEK — the absence of harmful emissions and a positive impact on the ecosystem of Kiev.

The company transition to electric cars would reduce harmful CO2 emissions by 230 tons per year

Electric cars are better suited for use in the city than the old Gaza and Oise — they do not make a loud noise, safer and smaller in size. Additionally, the transition to electric vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions by 230 tons per year, and this means that the city will be cleaner and more comfortable for living.

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