The steps of the temple of the Armed forces will cast from captured equipment of the Wehrmacht

The material from which the molded steps of the main temple of the Russian Armed forces which are under construction in Kubinka, take out the captured equipment of the Wehrmacht. On Monday at a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense announced the defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu. The chief military Temple will be the third altitude of the Orthodox Church Continue Reading

The dictator-the foundling

Soviet officer became the leader of North Korea. Now the whole world is afraid of his grandson Both Germany and Vietnam divided during the cold war, has long been reunited in a single state. But the Korean Peninsula remains divided, and who knows whether we’ll live up to his Association. Why the partition of Korea after World war II was the result of unforeseen circumstances? Continue Reading

In Karelia will begin the trial of the former head of the Segezha colony number 7

In Karelia will begin the trial of the former head of the Segezha penal colony No. 7 in which was sitting the activist Ildar Dading. And then told the whole country about the beatings and abuse of prisoners. On the dock in the past, the seventh chief of the colony of Segezha Sergei Gassiev and his former Deputy, Anatoly Luist. They are accused of abuse Continue Reading

In Rio de Janeiro from January 2019 will be killed for appearing on the streets with weapons in their hands

The streets of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will patrol the arrows, which killed on the spot armed criminals. About it reports Bloomberg. Team of experts with automatic weapons to join the police in urban slums. In the first wave there will be only 120. The guards will be divided into pairs: one to shoot to kill at criminals with firearms in hand, the other Continue Reading

The market continues to collapse, despite the appeal of the government to the banks

The appeal of the Ministry of Finance of the USA to the leading banks of wall Street and the convening of the emergency group on financial markets at the White house did not bring the Christmas miracle to the new York stock market: the last trading day before Christmas, stocks of the States noted a new collapse To 20.11 GMT Monday, the S&P slipped another Continue Reading

The auto industry and “green” are equally unhappy with the new EU law to reduce carbon dioxide emissions

The EU agreement on the reduction of car emissions by 37.5% by 2030, faced with opposition from the European automotive industry and criticism from environmental groups. Tellingly, the first criticized the new contract for what he is caused solely by political motives and absolutely unrealistic for the execution, and the second for its excessive softness and the fact that the new restrictions are not enough Continue Reading

In China it is very difficult to build car factories that do not produce electric cars

In September last year, a senior representative of the Chinese industry, said at the conference that China plans to stop production of cars that run on fossil fuels but did not provide details of the plan. Now China has developed rules, which basically negates the investment in new car factories, producing cars with internal Please follow and like us: