The Tesla electric truck Semi red bodywork being tested in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles spotted a new prototype of the Tesla electric truck Semi red. Observers were sure that this is a brand new working prototype which I test one of the modifications of the model, but the verification number was that this is the familiar model of the black color, which was repainted in red or pasted film. Electric Tesla Semi truck seen in red Continue Reading

Tesla showed in the video the Assembly process of the electric vehicle Model 3

Final Assembly is one of the most difficult phases of automobile production with lots of detail. Tesla claims that the Model 3 consists of more than 10,000 items, many of which are installed during final Assembly. To the consumer understand the process, the company has released a brief video showing the build Model 3 at the factory in Fremont from beginning to end:   View Continue Reading

Owners of electric cars in Britain are tightening charging mode

The Ministry of transport of UK has announced that to receive state subsidies to owners of charging stations is necessary to use intelligent technology that will help regulate the charging of electric vehicles. Motorists in turn have to buy a intelligent charger that is able to respond to the signal and will automatically switch from day to night tariff. This is due to the need Continue Reading