For 2021, the planned output of the electric car Toyota

An intriguing fact concerning electric vehicles, Toyota has come up during the presentation, the Executive Director of the Electrify America Giovanni Palazzo, list of electric cars, which are expected in the next 4 years. It turns out that in 2021 the series to be released “the mysterious” Toyota EV, which is not known absolutely nothing. Road map to launch electric vehicles from 2019 to 2022 Continue Reading

Electrocreaser Xpeng G3: Kona Electric, but are similar to Tesla Model X

Chinese startup Xiaopeng Motors (Xpeng) is preparing to release an electric crossover Xpeng G3, which previously has been called a clone of electrocreaser Model X. Electrocreaser Xpeng G3 © Electric crossover Xpeng G3 © After watching a video presentation of the electric vehicle is quite reasonable to say that between Xpeng G3 and Tesla Model X have a lot in common, although the Continue Reading

Tesla Model 3 retains the highest resale value

According to a new report a California company evaluation vehicles Kelley Blue Book, Tesla Model 3 retains a higher value on the secondary market than competitors, although the estimate is based on very little data. Recently, a similar score was given to the Model S and X, which also holds a high resale value. In a published report Model 3 topped the category of electric Continue Reading

CEO Nicola Motor offers assistance to laid-off employees of Tesla

CEO Nicola Motor, a direct competitor of Tesla to produce trucks based on fuel cells, has offered assistance to all recently laid-off company of Elon employees and encouraged workers to contact the human resources Department of the company. Concept Nicola One © It’s unknown how realistic is the employment of 3,000 people, but this step is already considered thin “trolling” Tesla, as Elon Musk Continue Reading

Tesla starts test-drives Model 3 owners for booking in Europe

After 2 years of waiting, the owners of the reservation Tesla Model 3 in Europe get the first opportunity to drive an electric vehicle before the start of deliveries. In anticipation of the start of mass supply Model 3 Tesla in Europe organizes a cycle of test drives in several European countries for holders of this model. Manufacturer of electric vehicles in Silicon valley has Continue Reading

A Tesla will get the mode of the sentinel surveillance with 360°

Tesla is working on expanding the capabilities of the DVR and will soon add the function of automatic surveillance, 360° “Sentry Mode”. It will be a kind of “security” mode, which will be convenient to use Parking to protect your vehicle from theft or vandalism. Most likely, the new regime will work in plain DVR automatically activated upon impact or collision, with the subsequent record Continue Reading

Polestar showed the control system of the future electric vehicle based on Android

Polestar has released an app with a custom version of the new HMI system Google Android, which will be first used in future electric car Polestar 2. The app also includes an image of the upper part of the future of the electric car. As previously reported, Google HMI is a new and completely Autonomous system that operates independently from a smartphone and which is Continue Reading

GM considers the production of electric SUVs and pickup trucks GMC

Shocked the audience with an electric pickup Rivian R1T and R1S electric SUV shows that several automakers are now considering the possibility of joining the growing movement to establish in its lineup an electric pickup. We will remind, recently Ford also announced that it will release an electric version of the iconic F-150 pickup truck. Now the head of the GMC confirmed that they are Continue Reading