Former customers of Toyota are switching EN masse to electric cars Tesla

Toyota admitted that Tesla Model 3 actually “killed” the sales of Prius. According to Toyota, last year demand for its hybrid cars among buyers in North America declined by 9%, half of which moved the Prius c and other models at the electric car company Elon musk. Recall the five cars abandoned in favor of the Tesla Model 3: Toyota Prius BMW 3-Series Honda Accord Continue Reading

Video: how the Tesla autopilot adverse weather conditions

One of the most important problems Autonomous driving systems and driver assistance, such as autopilot Tesla is how they will work in adverse weather conditions. To help answer the question, the owners of the Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot was subjected to testing in a Blizzard. The owner of a Model 3 Remi Bergeron decided to test the autopilot on the roads of Quebec during a Continue Reading

Updated plug-in-hybrid BMW 745e 2019 increased electric range of up to 58 km

BMW introduced an updated plug-in hybrid sedan 7-series is presented in 3 trim levels: 745e, 745Le, BMW xDrive 745Le. Updated plug-in-hybrid BMW 745e 2019 All plug-in hybrid variants of the new BMW 7 series now come with a specially adapted 3-liter six-cylinder inline petrol engine power 210 kW electric motor 83 kW and upgraded high-voltage battery with a capacity of 12 kWh, the Maximum power Continue Reading

Volkswagen CEO: Tesla controls 50% of the market of electric vehicles, we want the second half

Volkswagen CEO Scott Keogh (Scott Keogh) in North America, gave a detailed interview to the magazine Motor Trend, which touched on themes “desligada” and electric mobility. According to him, the active transition of the company to electric forms of transport is largely a consequence of oil and the way of the group to move forward with the expectation to make excuses for the past and Continue Reading

RevoZport has introduced a new tuning kit for the Tesla Model 3

Renowned tuning partner of Tesla, the company RevoZport, releases a new set of sport tuning elements under the name R Zentric for Tesla Model Strasse 3. New sports kit the tuning elements of the R-Zentric for Tesla Model Strasse 3 © RevoZport ready to take orders for the tuning kit, the starting price which is $5000. Kits are available in 3 variants with glossy, Continue Reading

Battery Tesla Model X is degraded by 13% driving more than 560 000 km

The company Tesloop offering car-share vehicles, recently shared their experience with the Tesla Model X, which had the highest mileage with the original battery in the fleet. Careregular Tesla Model X 90D with fleet Tesloop © Currently, the maximum mileage of the model Tesla Model X 90D, called “Deuxy” 350,000 miles (563 150 km). The electric car is operated in the company since mid-2016, Continue Reading