300 charging points with a power of 7.4 kW meet Model 3 in the port of Belgium

Fans of Tesla researched the Belgian port of Zeebrugge, where the company delivers the Model 3 electric vehicles for its European customers.

While in port enthusiasts discovered a whole system of 300 charging points with a power of 7.4 kW production EVbox.

It is assumed that the transported electric vehicles due to safety reasons not fully charged on arrival and before dispatch to its customers in Europe, they require a precharge.

Charge! pic.twitter.com/sMSTY24flN

— Pete Clay (@Pete_Clay) February 12, 2019.

Fans have even calculated that with a power of 7.4 kW, for charging electric vehicles in all 300 charging points would require more than 2.2 MW of energy, which once again shows how much effort you had to put in to realize exports of electric cars in Europe.

Recall that European deliveries of the Model 3 will be 3000 electric cars in the week February 2019, and the first deliveries of Tesla Model 3 personally supervised Elon Musk.

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