80% of sales of all electric vehicles in the United States accounted for a Tesla model

After the publication of the Tesla report for the 4 quarter of 2018, under which the company was back in profit, came to light additional facts making this happen. It turns out Tesla controls 80% of the market of electric vehicles USA from the end of 2018, when sales of Model 3 allowed her to become the best-selling premium car in the country.

Deliveries of Tesla in the USA in comparison with other companies for 2 years © ir.teslamotors.com

The number of sold electric cars Model 3 and its main competitors © ir.teslamotors.com

Elon Musk does not hide the satisfaction from this achievement, stressing that Tesla is an American company for the first time in decades, managed to take first place. To achieve a de facto monopoly on the U.S. market, the company managed in just 1 year. In light of the fact that the supply Model 3 is expected to increase even more, roughly 50%, it is difficult to imagine who will be able to stop Tesla in 2019.

Recall that Tesla has recently updated the range of the Model S and X with the software limitation of the battery capacity and the new rules refer to as Model 3.

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