A network of charging stations STRUM raises tariffs for charging electric vehicles

The network of charging stations STRUM will change the terms of service, but rather the rates for charging electric cars.

4 February 2019, on the network stations, the rate will increase to 9 UAH per kWh for fast charging with direct current (ports CCS Combo 2 and CHAdeMO) and up to 4.5 UAH per kW / h in slow charging with alternating current (port Type 2). We will remind, at the moment billing is 8 and 4 C, respectively.

Fast charging station STRUM

The new tariffs are associated with rising prices for electricity for legal persons, and include a certain percentage of funds that a network of charging stations STRUM wants to invest in the installation of new charging points, perhaps on motorways?

Change the tariff to apply to all new account deposits starting from February 4th, all prepaid kWh, which is on the balance of customers currently remain unchanged and will be used as before.

We will remind, recently opened a tenth of a quick charging station for electric vehicles the network of STRUM in Kiev.

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