A Tesla will get the mode of the sentinel surveillance with 360°

Tesla is working on expanding the capabilities of the DVR and will soon add the function of automatic surveillance, 360° “Sentry Mode”.

It will be a kind of “security” mode, which will be convenient to use Parking to protect your vehicle from theft or vandalism.

Most likely, the new regime will work in plain DVR automatically activated upon impact or collision, with the subsequent record of what is happening around the vehicle.

At the moment, DVR is available only in electric cars after 2017 release and allows you to record video from the cameras located in the front of the car.

In the first version of this feature, owners of the Tesla needed a USB drive with a large amount of available memory, which had to be formatted to FAT32. Before use, the owners had to configure the stick in Windows and add a folder called “TeslaCam” and only then connect it to one of the front USB ports.

After connecting the electric vehicle needs to recognize, and in the status bar at the top of the touch screen displays the icon of the DVR in the form of a red dot.At this point, the recorder automatically starts recording and you can control the DVR by clicking on the icon. When this function is used, it records for one hour, and then overwrites the oldest video. The device can save the last ten minutes of the video, if you click on the icon of the DVR while recording. These videos will be saved with a time stamp and will not be overwritten.

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