A Tesla will have full autonomy to the end of 2019

In 2019, Tesla will release a package of updates that will guarantee their electric cars fully Autonomous control mode. With this interesting statement, made before the company’s shareholders, Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In his opinion, 2019 is the date that will appear fully Autonomous Tesla. It will probably happen closer to the end of the year, after which the traffic regulators will have to approve the use of full autopilot electric company.

Musk had previously said that vehicles of this brand have all the capabilities of self-driving on the highway with the Navigate function on Autopilot. However at the moment the system requires the steering wheel of the driver’s hands and confirmation of the turn, but Musk said that in a few weeks will be released an update that will change these settings.

Also the head of the company noted that we are working to teach the vehicles to self-navigate the traffic lights and Parking garages. In the near future this problem will be solved and electric cars will gain absolute autonomy.

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