Amazon and GM are in talks about investing in a manufacturer of electric pickups Rivian

Amazon and General Motors are in talks about investing in the company Rivian, the American manufacturer of electric pickups and SUVs, from 1 to 2 billion dollars.

The Amazon deal and GM will be a serious incentive for a startup Rivian in Plymouth (Michigan), who is seeking to become the first manufacturer of electric pickups in the consumer market of the USA.

If the negotiations succeed, the deal will be announced later this month.

“We admire the contribution of the Rivian in the future electric with zero emissions,” — said in a statement GM, which the company declined to comment on any negotiations with Rivian. Amazon and Rivian also declined to comment.

Deal with Rivian would be to beat the biggest competitor for the production of electric vehicles, as Tesla is now trying to stabilize production and to receive a stable profit, releasing its flagship sedan Model 3.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told investors in August last year that the electric pickup is his personal favorite and the future product of the company, although he only talked about his potential run immediately after the electric car Tesla Model Y, which the brand plans to start producing in 2020.

Rivian intends to start selling its pickup R1T in the fall of 2020. The company was founded in 2009 by Director General R. J. Scaringe (R. J. Scaringe).

Electric pickup Rivian R1T ©

Scaring described the platform as Rivian “skateboard” which includes drive units, battery, suspension, brakes and cooling system, which are located below the level of the wheels to provide low center of gravity and greater stability on the road.

CEO of Rivian also said that the company plans to cooperate with other companies to develop advanced technologies Autonomous driving, rather than trying to do it yourself.

Major automakers, including GM, still have not entered the market electric pickups.

To Finance Rivian GM expects to profit from sales of conventional pickups and SUVs in North America. In November last year, the company said it has doubled the resources allocated to the development of electric and Autonomous vehicles, in the framework of the significant restructuring, including the termination of production of cars with internal combustion engines at five North American plants.

Last month, GM announced a strategy to turn Cadillac into a leading brand of electric vehicles, which will release its first electric vehicle on the platform BEV3 in 2022.

Amazon has also invested in the startup, which is developing cars with Autonomous control system, Aurora Innovation Inc in the amount of $ 530 million. The world’s largest online retailer has been steadily increasing its logistics base, is building warehouses around the world and makes deals with Mercedes and also with cargo airlines to ensure smooth delivery of goods.

Among the existing financial sponsors Rivian includes Saudi car distributor Abdul Latif Jameel Co (ALJ) (investment of $500 million), Sumitomo Corp. of Americas and Standard Chartered Bank. ALJ (investments in the amount of $200 million).

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