“Antiamerica”: Tesla is testing a technology to counter the blocking charging stations

Tesla continues to fight against the “freezing” their charging stations to fuel cars starting to introduce an innovative way to prevent this phenomenon.

We will remind, in the community of elektromobilitat it’s called “ICEing” of charging stations where vehicles with internal combustion engines is the place for electric vehicle charging.

Last month we reported that Tesla begins to deploy a new device that blocks the Parking space the Supercharger, unless the owner of the Tesla deactivates it using a code provided through the navigation of the Tesla.

The locking device designated at the charging stations Tesla © Twitter TeslaOwnersTwn

First Supercharger station using this system was installed in China, but it seems that Tesla is currently expanding it and looking for new ways to make it more convenient for owners.

To ensure that the charging station is always available for electric cars, the company began the implementation of devices that block a Parking space near charging. To remove the lock and drive up to the charging only owners of electric vehicles that deactivates it using the code provided through the navigation of the Tesla.

The Tesla owners club in Taiwan noticed that Tesla is testing a new device:

Taiwan Tesla testing out the new supercharger ground locks solution to fix ICE issues. A camera identifies the Tesla via plate number as the car backs up and unlocks accordingly. @elonmusk @tesla pic.twitter.com/tFU1twMBdg

— Tesla Owners Taiwan (@TeslaOwnersTwn) 14 Feb 2019

View from inside car pic.twitter.com/fpTqbIPcfS

— Tesla Owners Taiwan (@TeslaOwnersTwn) 14 Feb 2019

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