Appeared the first photos of the European version of Tesla Model 3

Customers in Europe are eagerly waiting for news on the Tesla Model 3. According to preliminary data, it is expected that the ship will arrive in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge in the next 2 weeks.

Now Tesla has released photos with the versions of the Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor that came out from the production line at the factory in Fremont:

European Model 3s off the production line. Design yours at

— Tesla (@Tesla) January 21, 2019

Earlier, in the port of San Francisco prepared for loading on the ship, a large batch of Tesla Model 3, and port company in Zeebrugge expects to handle 3000 Model 3 in a week, starting next month.

Informal data set gives us an idea of the number of orders, and as of 22 January 2019 from owners booking Tesla has received almost 16,000 orders.

Tesla Supercharger for the Model 3 © Klaus Schäfer

European Tesla Model 3 will have a difference in the charging port. First Tesla Model 3 will equip the European CCS Combo 2 connector through which the electric car can be recharged from AC or DC fast charging stations, Tesla Supercharger, which they are actively being converted by a double standard.

Currently, European customers only available all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Performance version.

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