As a Tesla “killed” hybrid Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a once — favorite, eco-oriented car ownership model, is the biggest victim of the Tesla.

2018 marked the final decline of sales of Prius in USA. In 2012 was recorded recent surge in sales of the hybrid Toyota Prius, when a year has sold 147 516 cars and since then the numbers declined steadily until 50,000 units sold by the end of 2018.

The latest generation Toyota Prius Hybrid ©

The main culprit for the drastic drop in sales of the Prius without exception, called Tesla, which have shown how economically and safely use capacious battery. In comparison with Tesla Toyota hybrids look very archaic, as the batteries 0.75-1.3 kW⋅h is a very small capacity for modern eco-friendly car.

There are all signs that a Toyota Prius can pull out of this segment of the market despite the attempts to adapt the transmission in the Prius for other models, such as the hugely popular Corolla and also introduce all-wheel drive version of the Prius.

Even if these steps are for a short period will help to revive sales of hybrid, most likely the model has expired.

In principle, the whole situation with the Toyota looks pretty weird because the company that first released a serial of eco-friendly carthat absolutely does not develop electric cars, in fact, a new branch of road transport, the entrance to which was a hybrid Toyota Prius sold worldwide circulation of more than 4 million vehicles.

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