Audi e-tron is experiencing a new standard EEBUS is the analogue of the V2G system

Audi takes part in the initiative EEBUS on connecting electric vehicles to household grid and the Audi e-tron quattro became the first electric vehicle to which applied a new standard EEBUS.

At Plugfest E-Mobility held at the Audi factory in Brussels, developers and engineers have conducted model tests to check whether the electrical system, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles and heating systems to interact together and without interference. To do this, all these devices were connected through an intelligent home energy management system (HEMS), which allows all electrical devices to exchange information about their electricity needs.

Audi e-tron is experiencing a new standard EEBUS ©

As it turned out, in combination with the connected charging system and home energy management HEMS, the electric car can use variable electricity tariffs, as well as to serve as energy storage for the needs of other energy-dependent systems in the house.

For the integration of electric vehicles in the home network of Audi is collaborating with two partner companies, SMA Solar and Hager Group, which likewise involved in the implementation of the standard EEBUS.

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