Battery Tesla Model X is degraded by 13% driving more than 560 000 km

The company Tesloop offering car-share vehicles, recently shared their experience with the Tesla Model X, which had the highest mileage with the original battery in the fleet.

Careregular Tesla Model X 90D with fleet Tesloop ©

Currently, the maximum mileage of the model Tesla Model X 90D, called “Deuxy” 350,000 miles (563 150 km). The electric car is operated in the company since mid-2016, almost 3 years.

Surprisingly, a fully electric Tesla car not only can travel so much, but also that the degradation of the battery with this mileage is estimated at 13% (the range decreased from about 400 km to 350 km with frequent recharges four times a day).

Tesla Model X 90D ©

According to Tesloop, “Deuxy” there were no problems with the drive and electronics in this “extreme” exploitation.

Another big advantage of this electric vehicle is that as on the exterior and interior of electric car is still in very good condition, and this despite the fact that more than 7,000 users drove it.

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