Battista Pininfarina: photo teaser front of the electric hypercar

In previous teasers, Pininfarina has already demonstrated the sleek design of the stern of the electric vehicle and most of the futuristic cockpit electric supercar Battista. In new images Automobili Pininfarina paid particular attention to the design of the front, in more detail showing a low-set nose Battista.

Photo teaser front of the electric hypercar by Pininfarina Battista ©

As you can see, no conventional front grille emphasizes the electrical nature Battista, while the thin led headlamps repeat the narrow strip of the tail lights and attach electric hypercar high-tech look. Wide U-shaped element extending from one headlight to the other, probably is an element of the daytime running lights.

Recall that the supercar Battista design Studio Automobili Pininfarina is known for its technical characteristics and will be officially presented in March 2019. At the disposal of the electric vehicle is 1900 HP (the most powerful production car ever made in Italy), 2300 N⋅m torque, maximum speed up to 402 km/h and 483 km of the reserve. To the first 100 km/h the car will accelerate less than 2 seconds that will put sports car on par with the Tesla Roadster 2, and Rimac C_Two.

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