BMW will reduce CO2 emissions by using mobile apps

BMW, in conjunction with the city of Rotterdam started the project Electric City Drive to reduce CO2 emissions. The project involves the installation of a smartphone app that informs drivers of plug-in hybrid cars, which they drive into the electrical areas of cities and advises them to switch to electric drive.

In Rotterdam are special posts, indicate zones only for electric vehicles and they are detected by the app for smartphones developed by BMW. The app just notifies the driver when its hybrid vehicle enters into the electric area, but the transition of the driver to the electric control mode is voluntary.

However, according to development Director at BMW Klaus Frohlich (Klaus Fröhlich), the company could theoretically transfer their plug-in hybrid model in the clean mode of driving only on electric wires at the entrance to the city with a high level of emissions by automatically shutting down the internal combustion engine with the help of GPS and navigation systems. However, this practice limits the ability of vehicle control and may affect the behavior of drivers on the roads.

The BMW application will help to significantly reduce harmful emissions and contribute to creating a better environmental situation in the cities. The first results of the project are promising: they show that participants who installed the application is ready to switch to eco mode about 90% of cases.

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