“Bogdan” considers the possibility of Assembly of electric cars in Ukraine

The demand for electric cars in Ukraine can contribute to the organization of their production directly in the country, especially because the technical possibilities for self-Assembly of such cars in Ukraine is.

This statement came from press service of the Bogdan Corporation, which is interested in the growing demand, both as a dealer representing the market model Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Hybrid IONIQ and JAC iEV7S (will hit the market this month) and as a potential producer.

The Corporation argues that such models can be assembled at domestic plants, for example. We will remind that in November, the company successfully executed the order of the Danish company Banke Electromotive on the release of the electric truck.

Also, the Corporation has experience in the production of public electric transport — electric bus “Bogdan А70100”, created in cooperation with Polish companies “Ursus” and “Enika”, which successfully works on the roads to Lublin.

Overall, Bogdan is one of the most proactive companies in the field of development of electric transport, not only in production terms, but also politically. The company actively encouraged Parliament to pass the bills 8159 and 8160 concerning the reduction of tax pressure on the production of electric vehicles in Ukraine.

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