BP invests in Chinese electric market

After buying the biggest charger network in Britain and investment in mobile charging for electric vehicles, BP seem to have found another place for investment in the electric industry.

BP Ventures, the venture capital division of the oil giant, invested in the company PowerShare, a leading provider of integrated hardware and software solutions for charging electric vehicles in China.

PowerShare provides an online platform that brings together drivers of electric vehicles, operators of charging points and energy suppliers, optimizing the process of charging the charging point before you pay.

PowerShare cloud system also allows the electricity supplier to optimize our work, continuously monitoring and optimizing energy consumption of vehicles with a capacity of the power system.

For BP Ventures is the first direct investment in China in the segment of electric vehicles. The head of BP noted that the funding of this company is another demonstration of the fact that BP has a serious intention to participate in all the proposals advanced electric mobility, which promoted this type of transport.

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