British startup Connected kerb invented a low-cost solution for charging of electric vehicles on the streets

British startup Connected kerb installed its first charging station AC to the southern part of London. The company is focused on customers in big cities where the potential owners of electric vehicles there is no possibility to charge at home, and the only viable solution is to deploy a charging network on the street. The company strives to offer one-stop solution for charging, without affecting “normal” London streets.

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Stations are installed on curbs (the important parts are underground), making them more secure from vandals. It is unclear what will be the charging station, when the snow will cover the sidewalk, but maybe for the UK it won’t be a problem, as in many other countries.

The company has developed two solutions that accommodate the charger port Type 2: the unit “Armadillo”, which is located next to the curb (left on the photo), and the block “Gecko”, which can be installed on lampposts and other existing street elements.

The charger is able to charge with the power of 3-7 kW, with an emphasis on long-term Parking of the electric vehicle.

On the website of the company shows an image with a price of about 2000 pounds (about 2,600 U.S. dollars), compared with 22,000 pounds in the case of standard charging station.

The cost comparison of charging stations ©

Main key features Connected kurb startup:

  • Future electric vehicle charging will be concentrated on city streets. Connected kerb believe that the only viable option is a low-power, low-cost solution that can be deployed at the national level on the streets.
  • One of the core values is sustainability, the charging station is made from recycled tires and plastics. Even at the stage of construction will use recycled materials.
  • Low cost and little impact on others.
  • In the future it is planned to put into action all the points of charging from renewable energy sources.
  • Each charging point will provide superfast WiFi with data speeds up to 350 Mbps.
  • When 5G will become commercially available, Connected the kerb will create a 5G network on the street, where everyone is connected to the charging point will be the access point 5G. The 5G network will be supported by fiber optic backbone, which will already be in place that will allow a quick introduction of 5G in a residential area.
  • Connected the kerb — the first British company for the charging infrastructure that has introduced an ultra-fast data network, which provides communication between the vehicle, home and user.
  • Each charging point is equipped with sensors of air quality, precipitation and temperature, which data will be transmitted in the centralized system, providing real-time traffic data, weather and condition of the air.

Last year Connected the kerb won the prize of the mayor of London for urban innovation, and the city offered full public support for the activities of the company.

We will remind, in London, several companies are working to install charging stations for electric vehicles on the pillars street lighting.

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