BYD expands sales of electric trucks and vans in Europe

BYD has launched in Spain three series of commercial vehicles with zero emissions, designed for customers in Europe. The proposal consists of a light truck BYD T6, forklift BYD, BYD Q1M tractor, truck and van BYD BYD T3.

BYD supplies Europe with electric commercial vehicles ©

  • Light truck BYD T6 (7.5 T GVW).
  • Tractor BYD Q1M (46T GCWR) is designed for airports, ports, and distribution centers.
  • Van BYD T3.

Trucks and vans have been sold in China and some other markets, but not in Europe. In the case of forklifts sales in Europe already estimated in the thousands.

According to BYD, trucks and vans is only part of the range 100% electric light and heavy commercial vehicles.

According to Isbrand Ho, managing Director BYD Europe, for the company to introduce a range of tested and competitive vehicles with zero emissions, covering the key sectors of the commercial transport is a very important step. The previous BYD electric products strengthened their positions in their respective categories: taxis, buses (now BYD is a leader in the European market and the company recently released its 50-thousand electric buses), and trucks (this year it is expected that the volume of deliveries will amount to 3 000 units). The company believes that the fourth product line — electric commercial vehicles, will sales leader, despite the fact that the European sector electrogrooving extremely competitive.

Spain was selected as the first pilot market. Premiere electric vehicles BYD is the beginning of the company’s development in Europe. Other European regions will follow soon.

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