BYD launched the world’s largest Park electric double-Decker buses

BYD launched the world’s largest Park electric double-Decker buses in Xian, China. 100 units of BYD K8S become part of the fleet on 30 January, and another 100 will be on the road after the holiday of Chinese Spring.

A total of 200 electric double-Decker buses (dabigatran) will be served by six bus routes in XI’an, which already has over 3,000 standard of BYD’s electric buses (1100 with the end of 2016, and then another 1900 2018). Bus Park Xian is the largest in Northwest China.

Electric double-Decker buses BYD ©

Previously, the buses K8S were commissioned in the cities of Shenzhen, Guilin, Hangzhou, Jingdezhen and Bintan.

Electric buses provide a wide angle of view thanks to the panoramic Windows, low landing, and front and rear hinged doors. The height of the lower part of the bus is more than 1.9 m, which provides ample space for standing passengers, and the height of the top of the bus — more than 1.7 m — makes walking comfortable and convenient. Double Decker electric buses have a platform for wheelchairs and ramps for boarding / alighting, which provides maximum access to passengers with all kinds of needs.

K8S developed by BYD is equipped with batteries, motors, electronic control technology and all-wheel drive. To improve the safety and efficiency of driving buses throughout their life cycle will help the smart control system and other advanced technologies.

Recall, BYD has released more than 50,000 all-electric buses for 9 years.

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