Cables HPC liquid cooled, Huber + Suhner has proven its safety

Huber + Suhner, a Swiss supplier of cables and connectors with liquid cooling for ultra-fast charging stations, conducted in-depth research and testing on security and validates the work.

After having been discovered a potential security issue in regards to cables liquid cooled manufactured by Huber + Suhner, several large operators of the charging infrastructure has disabled the station which we used data of the device. Now the manufacturer has confirmed the correct functionality of the system and proved that the products of Huber + Suhner to meet the required standards without any restrictions.

Temporarily disable fast charging stations has affected international operators of charging infrastructure worldwide, from the Dutch Fastned a subsidiary of VW Electrify America, as well as Ionity. After confirming the safety, the operators of the affected stations began the activation of charging stations. To date, Ionity, Electrify America, Fastned is officially back online.

We will remind, as a precaution, anyone who uses the cable with liquid cooling from Huber and Suhner, it was reported that the chargers use this cable must be suspended until then, until you have established the cause of the short circuit. Now it seems that the problem was not as dangerous as initially thought, because the cables are operated in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

Very encouraging to see that stations were closed for three days and did not cause significant harm to the business of charging networks.

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