Cadillac before the release of its first electric car, the Tesla is equal to

The GM approach to electrification has become very fanatical. The company is positioning Cadillac as a leading brand for the production of electric cars, which will soon release its first electric vehicle. While GM is focused on Tesla because it recognizes that “obsessed” testing electric vehicle the North American automakers.

General Motors has announced that it is focusing on the Cadillac brand, and last weekend the company unveiled images of its first all-electric crossover, built on the new electrical platform.

Concept electric crossover from Cadillac ©

When CNBC asked the President of Cadillac, Steve Carlisle, about how long the brand is testing a Tesla, he said that for a long time and “obsessed”.

According to Carlisle, Tesla has done a lot for popularization of electric vehicles and the interest of consumers. Their experience is very valuable and makes the game in the global market sharper.

The head of Cadillac has said that while not fully convinced in the success of Tesla. In his opinion, need to wait a bit to appreciate the history of the company, because nobody knows what will happen when electric cars really start to scale from the point of view of supply, profits and customer engagement.

We will remind, earlier Director of Porsche in North America Klaus Zelmer also admired and acknowledged the deserved success of Tesla on the global car market.

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