Cadillac introduced the first fully electric SUV on the new platform GM

Last week, we learned that Cadillac will become the leading brand for the next generation of electric vehicles at General Motors. The automaker’s luxury in Detroit soon announced the creation of a product line aimed to compete with Tesla.

Cadillac is developing an electric crossover, which will hit the market in 2020-2021 years, said Cadillac President Steve Carlisle (Steve Carlisle) at the event on the eve of the North American international auto show 2019 in Detroit.

Despite the fact that at first glance, illustrates the concept may seem to be a rival Tesla Model X, Carlisle said in fact it will be a production electric car, designed as a vehicle average. Electric Cadillac will have a mileage of about 500 km and will be offered with all-wheel drive and Autonomous driving system Super Cruise.

Concept electric crossover from Cadillac ©

“Electric Cadillac will capture the heart of the crossover market and will meet the needs of customers worldwide,” said Steve Carlisle, President of Cadillac. “It will represent the pinnacle of luxury and innovation, positioning Cadillac as the pinnacle of mobility.”

In addition to shows the concept of the electric car, and a completely new crossover XT6, the company also hinted the future of the Escalade, and the upcoming electric sedan. Overall, the Cadillac will present new models at the rate of about one new model in six months to 2021.

The upcoming model will be the first car from the new architecture of electric vehicles General Motors and the new platform “BEV3” for electric cars is incredibly flexible — this will allow the company to respond quickly to customer preferences with a relatively short design time and development. The portfolio of Cadillac vehicles will eventually benefit from the variety of options of bodies that emerge from this architecture.

The most sophisticated components of this platform are the drive units and batteries that are designed for maximum ease of use in the lines of the GM electric cars in different countries. Electric vehicles can be both in front and rear or all-wheel drive, and the capacity of their batteries will be regulated according to the needs of the electric vehicle and the customer.

This will be the first pure electric car from Cadillac, which has a plug-in hybrid CT6 and ELR. GM has has the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which was car of the year in 2017, but in 2018 sales fell by 23%.

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