Car manufacturers invest more than $300 billion in electric cars

Car manufacturers plan to invest more than $ 300 billion in electric mobility over the next 5-10 years. It is the result of a Reuters analysis based on public company data. In China accounts for about 45 percent of the investment plans.

The study includes data over the last two years and a total of 29 OEM-producers (mostly USA, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Germany and France), which Reuters considers individually and rank them in order.

A significant part of the planned global budget investment in electric vehicles and batteries for them — more than 135 billion dollars will be spent in China, which is actively promoting the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles through the system of state quotas, credits, and incentives. As a result, the cost of electric vehicles major Chinese automakers, from SAIC to Great Wall Motors can be matched or even exceeded by multinational joint venture partners such as Volkswagen, Daimler and General Motors.

The Volkswagen Group is the biggest investment ambitions with a total budget of 91 billion dollars, half of which falls into the Chinese market, and the $ 57 billion must be invested only in the battery.
Daimler total investment of $ 42 billion, of which $ 30 billion will be invested in the battery Hyundai/Kia — $ 20 billion Changan — $ 15 billion, and Toyota — 13.5 billion dollars (the entire amount will be invested in battery).

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