Carsharing fleet of electric vehicles Zipcar UK made 50,000 trips

Carsharing service of electric vehicles Zipcar launched in London in July 2018, gradually widened to 325 Volkswagen e-Golf and now is the largest carcharhinoid fleet of electric cars in the UK.

Electric car Volkswagen e-Golf in car-share services ©

According to the service, its fleet have already used 10 000 people, whose total mileage was 400 000 km or about 50,000 trips.

The average number of visits per user is about 5, and the average distance that overcomes one driver use the electric car service is 8 km away.

Note that car sharing is gaining popularity in Europe. For example, in the Spanish capital Madrid, which contains a fleet of 500 Renault ZOE working in carsharing company Zity Car services in the past year have used 157 000 people with a continuous growth of users, which the service purchases an additional 150 electric vehicles.

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