CATL and Honda plan to cooperate in the development of batteries for electric vehicles

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) and Honda Motor signed a cooperation agreement on the joint development of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

CATL said Tuesday that it has signed a cooperation agreement with Honda under which it will guarantee the supply of Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles with a capacity of about 56 GW⋅h for the automaker by 2027, and that will create an office near the research company Honda.

Press Secretary Honda is not announced more information about what future models will use battery CATL.

As stated by a source in Reuters, the agreement for using the CATL batteries in electric vehicles Honda was part of the Honda effort to diversify the base of the batteries to ensure stable supplies in the long term, and that the Japanese automaker is also in talks with other battery makers, including Panasonic current suppliers.

Aiming to satisfy the strict Chinese quota for “green cars,” Honda plans to release its first electric car in China at the end of this year, as well as building a new plant for electric cars.

CATL, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries for electric vehicles, Honda adds to its list of partners, which already includes BMW, Volkswagen AG and SAIC Motor Corp. CATL also supply their battery electric version of the sedan Nissan Sylphy in China.

CATL is mainly uses the chemical compositions of LiFePo and NCM in the prismatic elements of the batteries, which are mostly collected for the production of electric cars and hybrids. But in recent years they expanded their activities and announced the establishment of several new battery plants to support major brands.

Recall CATL creates joint venture for research and development of battery modules with a subsidiary of Geely.

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