Company Avis bought 280 Tesla Model S and Model X in Norway

Tesla has carried out the largest supply of its electric vehicles for one company to date.

Rental company Avis car for the last year was about 280 Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X in Norway, making it one of the largest company which owns the Tesla in the world.

Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S

Historically, Norway was the largest market for Tesla in Europe. According to records, Tesla put 8 614 vehicles in Norway and 8 585 cars in the Netherlands.

Now we know that if not for the Avis, one of the largest rental companies cars in the world, the Netherlands probably would surpass Norway as the largest European market Tesla.

Norwegian newspaper Gjengangeren reports that Avis brought approximately 280 Tesla in Skoppum, a small town about an hour’s drive South of Oslo.

Tesla sales in Norway increased slightly in 2018, and most of the sales are generated by the Model X:

  • 2013 — 1 983 (Model S)
  • 2014 4 040 (Model S)
  • 2015 — 4 039 (Model S)
  • 2016 — 3 481 (2 051 Model S and Model X 1 430)
  • 2017 — 8 460 (3 712 Model S and Model X 4 748)
  • 2018 — 8 614 (3 633 4 Model S and Model X 981)

As we reported earlier, for 3 years, car-share Tesla Model S drove 643 000 km and has saved the owners of the company Tesloop $60 000.

Recall that the first Tesla Model 3 will arrive in Norway in February of this year.

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