Don’t buy gasoline, you pay mileage: scheme of road tolls with electric vehicles

Research Institute for the study of transportation California University. Davis conducted an analysis of the road financing system as transport for the electrician.

It is known that an increase in the proportion of electric vehicles, revenue to repair the roads from fuel taxes will decline as electric cars don’t refuel in the price which incorporated the maintenance of roads. To keep the road in future, now need to develop a new method of financing in which your participation will take, and electric vehicles.

After analyzing the situation, the Institute Davis came to the conclusion that the most effective way to charge vehicles with zero emissions, is to pay for the kilometers traveled. According to them, this is the most likely and the inevitable payment scheme, as it is relatively inexpensive, simple and sustainable solution, much better than a fixed additional charge for the electric car during check in.

Such a system of payment proposed is not the first time, a similar solution can take on “weapons” in the UK, where electric cars can become the reason for the cancellation of the fuel duty.

It is likely that “mileage fees” will be introduced globally throughout the world as the most transparent system of tax for elektromobilitat.

As we wrote earlier, the head of Ukravtodor said: “Electric vehicles — the threat of qualitative roads in Ukraine.”

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