E Extreme: series EV racing in places threatened by climate change

Electric racing series Formula E has announced plans to create another format of racing for electric cars under the name Extreme E.

New competitions will focus on the rivalry of electric cars that more closely resemble conventional models of electric cars, but will be held in places around the world, which is threatened by climate change.

The first season of the new series will begin in 2021. It will involve 12 teams whose cars will be custom-made according to the technology similar to the formula E, but with the ability to do them very similar to the usual models of electro participating automaker.

This will allow companies to directly advertise their models of electric cars, which they cannot do in the current format of Formula E, which uses a more traditional design for a racing car.

According to the announcement of the series, the race will be held in remote places of the planet such as the Himalayas, the Sahara desert, the Amazon rainforest and even the Arctic, however, will not be broadcast live. Instead, Extreme E will release a documentary series in ten parts, which will air at the end of 2021.

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