Electric NIO showed why smart car needs a smart driver

According to Bloomberg, the electric car ES8 stuck on the road of Beijing, thereby forming a huge traffic and real traffic jams.

As it became known, the cause of the incident was loading the new operating system of the vehicle, which the driver of the electric vehicle decided to run straight while driving. The funny thing about this situation is that during the boot process the driver could not even roll the Windows down in the electric car when it approached a patrol to ascertain the situation.

Company NIO has already apologized for the incident and the actions of the driver, stating that the mistake was made by man, who was driving, because when you download the software, the user previously receives a notification that the process should occur when the electric vehicle is parked. In this case, the driver began loading at the time of standing in traffic.

Electric SUV NIO ES8 © nio.io

Chinese manufacturer advises to Park the car when you run the update, but surprisingly the update over the wireless network was technically allowed when the electric vehicle is in motion.

Recall that NIO one of the fastest growing startups producing electric cars. It was founded 4 years ago, but has already had a public offering of its shares on the stock exchange in the U.S., just 3 months after the start of deliveries of its first electric model — crossover ES8.

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