Electrocreaser Audi e-tron quattro has received more than 20,000 pre-orders worldwide

Audi has announced that more than 20,000 customers worldwide have already made a provisional booking e-tron quattro, its new all-electric crossover — although most of them still have to wait a few months before delivery.

The German automaker confirmed the number during test drive, when the General Director of Audi Bram Shot handed the keys to electrocreaser Winfried Krechman, Minister of the Federal state of Germany Baden-württemberg.

CEO of Audi Bram Shot handed the keys to electrocreaser Winfried Krechman © audi-mediacenter.com

Audi e-tron quattro is the first large-scale pure electric model from the manufacturer of premium cars in Ingolstadt, which attracted the attention of the government of the German state of Baden-württemberg.

Having a fleet of 50 electric vehicles Audi e-tron quattro, the company has already demonstrated the feasibility of crossover in the Swiss mountains at the world economic forum in Davos in January of this year.

Recall that immediately after the presentation of the Audi e-tron quattro, the number of pre-orders exceeded more than 10,000 globally. Many of these reservations have in Norway, where last year it was confirmed that the Audi was already 6 300 pre-orders for the e-tron.

Electric crossover Audi e-tron quattro © media.audiusa.com

The delivery of the first Audi electric car was supposed to start last year, but due to software problems it was postponed for months.

The first deliveries to European customers will begin in March and deliveries in North America must begin in the second quarter.

Recall, the Audi e-tron quattro is equipped with a battery 95 kW⋅h and has a cruising range of over 400 km of cycle WLTP. This became possible primarily thanks to the innovative energy recovery system. Sophisticated aerodynamics also crucial for high efficiency of the Audi e-tron quattro. One of the technical highlights is the virtual exterior mirrors — world innovation for a production car.

Two electric motors provide power up to 300 kW in combination with electric all-wheel drive ensure optimum performance on any terrain. On long trips, customers can charge the e-tron with direct current (DC) to 150 kW on a fast charging stations — at the moment it is the first production car to offer this option.

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