Elon Musk called for Europe to control the supply of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla is ramping up deliveries of Model 3 on the old continent, and, Elon Musk said that this weekend he is in Europe to monitor the operation and plans to visit Norway, the third largest market for the automaker.

Announcing on Saturday a route by which it crosses Northern Europe, Musk said that he plans to visit the headquarters of Tesla in Amsterdam and Oslo, to see service in Norway, where delays in service irritates customers. Before that, he visited the place of unloading European Model 3 Belgian port of Zeebrugge and the production of Tesla in Tilburg Dutch.

Parking for Model 3 in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge © electrek.co

Responding to numerous complaints of buyers, Tesla last year doubled the Norwegian service personnel to more than 360 employees in an effort to resolve the issue with the delay in service on one of their major markets before the release of a new model, said the representative of the company two weeks ago.

In Norway closely follow the activities of the California company, as the world’s largest number of electric vehicles per capita, thanks to generous government incentives for vehicles with low emissions. The Scandinavian country has become the third largest market, but the lack of service capacity, resulting in long service queues, frustrated customers.

Tesla has 13 service centers in Norway and is working to start two more as soon as possible. Last year the company also received approval for mobile service units, which allowed to test three of these in June.

Prices in Europe to Model 3 varies from country to country: in Belgium, customers pay a base price 58 800 euros ($66 600) compared to 55 400 euros in Germany and 53 500 euros in France.

In the US Tesla twice this year lowered the price on Model 3 to $42 900, to partially offset the reduction in Federal tax benefits.

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