Elon Musk: Tesla electric pickup can be presented in the summer of 2019

During the communication with investors, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the long-awaited electropica Tesla may be ready for presentation this summer.However do not expect what has already been decided, since the exact timing is not specified.

The probable cause of the imminent announcement, is that on the market there were some worthy competitors, chief of which Rivian R1T, which was not only presented and studied, but also managed to show itself on the go. In addition to the release of the electric pickup truck Ford seriously sights, and this is the way its main class niche in the U.S. market, and throughout the world.

The prototype Tesla Pickup presented by Elon Musk during the presentation of the Tesla Semi

So apparently Elon Musk and hurry with the presentation, because all that is known about a Tesla pickup truck is a few photos of the prototype, similar in design with the Tesla, a Semi, and that the pickup will be 6-seater, equipped with a large battery, all-wheel drive and will have high towing capacity.

Separately, we recall that a Tesla pickup truck is a kind of “pet” Elon musk, who will probably want to make the model as “cool”.

Recall, Tesla has completed the 4th quarter with a net profit of $139 million

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