Elon Musk: Tesla will be completely Autonomous by the end of 2020

Elon Musk gave an interview on the podcast ARK Invest in which the founder of Tesla had a lot to talk about the possibilities of Autonomous driving.

Musk said earlier that by the end of this year Tesla will be completely Autonomous, but in interviews he has described this autonomy in more detail, explaining that Tesla will be able to find you in the Parking lot to pick you up and deliver you to your destination without your intervention.

He stated that he is very confident in that progress, as personally coordinating the work of the division of Autonomous driving and get familiar with the development. However, Musk said that complete autonomy does not mean that the autopilot will be perfect or will not need human supervision. An important caveat, which is noted by Musk is the problem of obtaining the approval of full autonomy for governing bodies.

In General, Musk is confident that the Autonomous driving system will be able to drive without human intervention by the end of 2020. Thus the next two years promise to be exciting for fans of the Californian automaker and Autonomous driving.

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