Europcar expands its fleet of electric vehicles is 85 Renault ZOE

Europcar has added to its fleet in the UK 85 electric Renault Zoe. Electric cars are designed for careregular service E-Car Club, but can also be used for courier purposes.

Europcar decided to expand its fleet of all-electric vehicles, following the reviews with members of the E-Car Club, and its own drivers. ZOE was the perfect car for their own use and for carpooling in the E-Car Club. It is noteworthy that the reliability of the existing Park Renault ZOE, also influenced the decision to purchase Europcar.

Europcar adds to the fleet of 85 electric Renault Zoe ©

The cost of using electric cars is £4,5 per hour. Vehicles are available primarily in North Solihull, where they can be rented in several areas.

Gary Smith, managing Director of Europcar Mobility Group in the UK, notes that electric cars are constantly growing in popularity among customers who like the ease of use of electric vehicles especially in urban environments. Ease of use, environmental compatibility and real-world cruising range of 300 km impact on repeat order. Electric cars also play a crucial role in helping the company to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to achieve the main goal — to make 5% of the UK fleet fully electric by 2020. Here’s the info from the press release:

Since the addition of the Renault ZOE in our logistics Park Deliver & Collect in 2016, we found that its usability was a big plus for our company. Them uses a huge number of our drivers, many of whom had not previously experienced with electric vehicles. The response is immediate and fully automatic transmission also contribute to careless driving in often congested urban areas in which our ZOE. But more importantly, they play a key role in helping us to reduce carbon emissions and to achieve our goal of making the 2020 five per cent of our total UK fleet is fully electric.

The charging port of the electric vehicle the Renault Zoe ©

More than 5 000 Renault ZOE are working in European companies carpooling. Renault is a pioneer in the market of electric vehicles — today in the world sold more than 100,000 electric vehicles of the company, and the Renault ZOE is one of the Europe’s top-selling passenger electric car (in 2018 took second place in sales, after the Nissan Leaf).

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