EV Week 6 2019: Elon Musk opens patents Tesla, VW actively testing the platform MEB, Norway “taking responsibility” Germany, the fuel crisis in Mexico is a chance for Chevy Bolt, Model 3 already in Europe, Ukraine takes in electric mobility Norway’s experience

Electric mobility week began with the fact that Elon Musk is once again stunned the world by opening access to all Tesla patents to combat climate change. Given that this week the company patented a new battery for quicker charging, the initiative looks more than generous.

It became known that Volkswagen is testing the new electric vehicles, hiding their “true face” in the body of the famous models.

Norway decided to help the German car industry to save billions of euros, which will probably be useful to companies for accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.

In the US automobile giants are using every opportunity to promote electric vehicles, particularly Chevrolet came up with an original advertising campaign Chevy Bolt on the background of the fuel crisis in Mexico.

Electrify America will establish a system Tesla Powerpack 100 charging stations © electrifyamerica.com

American charging network are looking for support Tesla, so Electrify America installs storage systems Powerpack 100 Tesla charging stations. Tesla, in turn, continues to improve its battery systems, which bought the us developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitors and components to the battery Maxwell.

Volkswagen officially confirmed the release budget electric by 2024, the estimated price of which is $23 000. BMW is actively testing the prototype BMW iNEXT, Renault has released UK a special version of Zoe, and Ford is seriously working on electric F-150 pickup truck.

The prototype test BMW iNEXT undergoing winter testing © press.bmwgroup.com

Probably the best news this week — the arrival in Europe of the first batch of Model 3 and delivery of electric vehicles the first European customers, as well as the opening of the company shop on Amazon and Tesla decline in prices for all models of Model 3 in the online store of the company.

Fred Christenhusz one of the first in Europe who got the Model 3 © Twitter Fred Christenhusz

In Ukraine, the main event of the week was the meeting of representatives of electric mobility to the public with the Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine, Mr. OLE Terje Horpestad who shared the experience of her homeland in the promotion of electric transport.
I really hope that Norway will serve as a good example for Ukraine.

Meeting electric mobility community in Ukraine with Ambassador of Norway

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