EV Week 8 2019: Amazon invests in Rivian, VW to dispose of the battery, Mercedes-Benz will release a PHEV-20, the EU agreed CO2 emissions for trucks, Citroen unveiled the electric car, Tesla Model 3 first arrived in China

Electric mobility week began with the news that Amazon has invested $700 million in a manufacturer of electric cars Rivian, who recently patented a “removable” backup battery for its most famous models — electric pickup R1T.

A large network of filling stations in Poland to establish their stations 150 fast charging stations for electric vehicles, the UK government has invested in installing 350 charging points for taxi service, and in Denmark launched the first ultra-fast charging station IONITY capacity of 350 kW.

IONITY opens the first 350 kW charging station in Denmark © elbil.no

Volkswagen has shared the news that he wants to organize the production of its own electric cars with minimal CO2 emissions at all stages of production, and also announced the opening of a plant for recycling batteries from electric cars and all this against the background of actual blackmail by LG.

Production concept the production model I. D. with the reduction of CO2 emissions © volkswagen-newsroom.com

Mercedes-Benz has shared plans of expanding the range of plug-in hybrids, and Jaguar have found a way to engage customers with the crossover of I-Pace.

First owner Hyundai Kona Electric in the United States has become a children’s doctor, in Europe, Citroen celebrated its 100th anniversary with a presentation of the new compact electric car.

The first Hyundai Kona Electric in the United States was delivered to the children’s Oncology © hyundainews.com

The European Union has tentatively agreed to new restrictions on the CO2 emissions of trucks, France and Germany announced investments in the production of batteries.

Tesla has hired Cookie Monster to show how it works “mode time” © Twitter Tesla

The first batch of more than 1,600 Tesla Model 3 was unloading at a Chinese port. Tesla continues to reveal details of its new mode, Sentry Mode and even draws for that puppet characters of sesame Street.

Electric double-Decker buses BYD © byd.com

Chinese automaker BYD introduced the world’s largest Park double-Decker buses. Oil workers from Shell again invest environmentally friendly projects, this week they announced the acquisition of the German company Sonnen, a manufacturer of home energy storage.

Honda closes the plant in Britain, calling the main reason for closing the wide spread of electric cars in the country.

Elon Musk gave an interview in which he told about when Tesla will become fully Autonomous.

Plug-in hybrid concept car Peugeot 508 Sport Engineered © int-media.peugeot.com

In preparation for the Geneva motor show, Peugeot presents the new logo for the electrification of the brand and preparing to demonstrate a new plug-in hybrid. Kia is going to bring to Geneva the electric car which according to them is breathtaking.

“DTEK Kiev power” has purchased 11 Renault electric vehicles

The main event of the week in Ukraine was the presentation from “DTEK Kiev power” of a new fleet of electric cars Renault ZOE and Renault Kangoo Z. E.

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