EV100: environmental initiative of large companies on the electrification of the vehicle fleet

More than 30 global corporations promised to transfer its fleet to electric vehicles initiative EV100 from the Climate Group, which aims to electrify 2 million cars by 2030.

Published the first report by the Climate Group on the program EV100 shows that 31 companies with a total income of more than $500 billion commitment to transition to electric cars, including such big names as BT, IKEA, Unilever, EDF and Heathrow airport.

The data of the company pledged by 2030 to replace the 145 000 private vehicles on electric 66 markets around the world.

According to initial estimates, the initiative of these firms will help reduce harmful emissions from 6.6 million metric tons of CO2 per year.

As noted by participants in the initiative EV100, the main reason for participation is the reduction of harmful emissions. However, 80% of participants see the transition to electric cars and some benefit for themselves, for example, government financial incentives, savings on fuel, and that electric cars will be able to freely enter the centers of large cities, while cars with internal combustion engines already subject to restrictions.

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