“Family” pictures Rivian R1T Electric Truck & SUV R1S in the snowy mountains

Rivian continues to promote its electric model pickup Rivian R1T and R1S crossover Rivian, choosing for them the most suitable touristic character of the location.

Electrical model of a pickup truck Rivian R1T and R1S crossover Rivian © Twitter Rivian

Now the company publishes images of models in the snowy mountains, apparently hinting that electric cars are created for traveling, just for such landscapes, as both electric car in one way or another created for off-road, have a four-wheel drive and despite the electric nature are not afraid of low temperatures.

Electric crossover Rivian R1S © Twitter Rivian

Electric pickup Rivian R1T © Twitter Rivian

Probably the shots are the same electric cars that we’ve seen on the roads of aspen, luxury ski resort in the USA — a perfect place for such cars.

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