First look at the new mode “time” Tesla Sentry Mode

The first owners of the Tesla Model 3 started to update with the new mode sentry Sentry Mode.

Thus the first opportunity to see how visually, it looks activated mode in a state of “Alert” — displaying on the vehicle display the message that the cameras began recording.

Recall that to check the operation of Sentry Mode at the time of a real threat, only breaking the window of an electric vehicle, that the owners of the Model 3 is unlikely only to make sure that “time” does not sleep.

Note that a visual display of operating mode, likely inspired by the character HAL 9000 from the fantastic Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: a Space Odyssey”.

Tesla explains the mode Sentry Mode:

If the detected minimal threat, for example, when someone leans on the car mode Sentry Mode is switched to a state of “Alert” and displays on the touch screen with a warning that his camera recorded. If discovered a more serious threat, for example, someone breaks a window, mode Sentry Mode switches to the status “Alarm” that activates a car alarm increases the brightness of the Central display and plays music at maximum volume from the sound system of electric vehicle.

Recall, Tesla also cared for the Pets of clients, releasing the mode is “Dog Mode”.

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