Ford will release an electric version of the iconic F-150 pickup truck

Ford has finally announced that they are planning to release a fully electric version of the car its most popular collections — pickups series F.

Last year, the company announced that it plans to bring to the market 16 models of electric cars by 2022, starting with an electric crossover.

For the F-150 pickup truck the company prepared its hybrid drivetrain, but apparently after Rivian stunned audience in a Los Angeles production-ready electric pickup R1T, and Elon Musk touts vengeance future Tesla pickup truck, the company decided that the hybrid model will not be enough to have competition and launched a development in the direction of release a fully electric version.

However, the hybrid modification of the model F-150 is still scheduled for production, but it will immediately be released all-electric pickup truck.

Pickup Ford F-150 ©

It is unclear what kind of pickup truck F-series will be fully electrified, though the F-150 the most likely candidate for this role.
It is possible that the electric pickup will be released in the framework of electric mobility cooperation between Ford and Volkswagen, an agreement which the companies signed recently.

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