Free distribution of 80 Roadster “killed” referral program Tesla

Tesla completes its referral program and one of the probable reasons for the closure, was the information that the company will have to distribute more than 80 new Roadster for free.

Tesla originally offered a discount on a new Roadster at the rate of 2% for each qualifying referral. At first it seemed that the majority of people, the unblocking of the initial discount level, will receive a good discount on electric price of $250,000 but apparently Tesla for too long supported the program and many participants have started to move discount threshold, which allowed to obtain a new supercar absolutely for free. Some managed to connect enough referrals for two free Roadster, which will be released in 2020.

However, the company confirmed that it will distribute 60 participants free electric cars, plus another 20 people have accumulated 105 referrals will receive 2 cars.

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