From the official Tesla website disappeared all the information about the Model 3 for $35 000

Tesla since the release of the Model 3 the market has positioned the car as a budget Tesla for the mass market. To do this, the manufacturer had to equip the model with a standard battery, which would reduce the cost of Model 3 to $35 000.

This has not happened until now, and now the company removes all references to the base model from their web site, what throws many fans into a panic.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Dual Motor

All of this takes place against the background of recent cuts, according to the statement by Elon musk that the company will make every effort to achieve the base price for the Model 3.

Do not forget that when the model was launched into production in 2017, the basic version was available for the reserve with the promise of release in early to mid-2018.

Now it seems the holders of the reserve have even more doubts that will ever wait for a base Model 3. However we should wait for an official explanation from the company, which has not commented on the changes on the official website.

We will remind, at present the company sells the cheapest Model 3 for $42 900.

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