GM confirms that refuses to hybrids, to focus on fully electric cars

Victory electric one! General Motors says no to plug-in hybrids and “Yes” to the electric cars!

As part of its new effort on electrification, announced last month, GM confirmed that it will stop production of the Chevrolet Volt, which many believe is illogical — but now the automaker claims that it is part of his plan to focus on fully electric vehicles.

The company intends to focus all its resources on the production of all-electric vehicles, which eliminates the possibility of producing some other models of SUVs or pickup trucks — with the Voltec drivetrain, which many had hoped after the production Volt.

Plug-in-hybrid Chevrolet Volt second generation ©

As noted by mark Reuss (Mark Reuss) at the conference of investors of the company, hybrids and plug-in hybrids — it’s just countermeasures for vehicles with internal combustion engines. You can’t force customers to spend money for something they may not need.

According to him, is to spend money on a product that does not produce CO2 emissions and is a sustainable and affordable solution in the area of climate, energy and transport.

Concept electric crossover from Cadillac on the new platform for electric vehicles “BEV3” ©

Just over a month ago GM announced a restructuring that includes closing plants and accelerated investment in electric vehicles.

Now it clear that the automaker focused on electric cars, especially considering the recent debut electric crossover Cadillac to be built on a new platform General Motors “BEV3”.

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