GM plans to challenge Tesla with the Cadillac as a leading brand of electric vehicles

General Motors will position Cadillac as its leading brand of electric vehicles to catch up with Tesla on the electric car market in the United States.

General Motors has announced that Cadillac will be the leading brand of electric vehicles at GM. Currently the company is developing a completely new flexible platform for electric vehicles, which will be used first in the upcoming all-electric Cadillac.

In 2017, GM said it plans to 2021 to provide a new dedicated flexible architecture of electric vehicles and advanced battery system to develop at least 20 new models in the United States and China.

The new platform for electric vehicles will serve as the basis for at least nine models ranging from a compact crossover to the big luxury sports SUV with seven passengers and a large commercial van.

Yet there are no details on when GM will start production of electric cars, however, the subsidiary companies have been in the Arsenal of plug-in hybrid Cadillac ELR and Cadillac CT6.

Plug-in hybrid ELR was created on the platform of the Volt with the improved interior, but it sold poorly due to the high starting price, almost twice the base cost of the Volt, despite the fact that he had the same powerplant.

Plug-in hybrid ELR on the Volt platform ©

The GM dealers have lowered the cost of the ELR to about $50 000, which did not help his sales, and the manufacturer was forced to stop production plug-in hybrid in two years of existence of the model (from 2014 to 2016). Recall, GM also announced the end of production for the Volt, a plug-in hybrid, which was created by the ELR, at the end of last year.

The Cadillac CT6 has been pretty impressive range of GM compared with the other powertrains in the line CT6, offering more power and efficiency, a lower price compared to similar models with internal combustion engines. Alas, GM also failed to sell a lot of these models, so their production ceased at the end of last year.

Currently GM produces one electric car Chevy Bolt, which has a great demand in the US.

We will remind, earlier there was information from GM that they plan to release an electric car Cadillac early 2020-ies.

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