Hackers are invited to hack Model 3 for the money at the Pwn2Own competition

For the first time in the history of Pwn2Own, perhaps the world’s most famous hacker event, participants will be invited hacking Tesla Model 3. Cash rewards for successfully “hacked” the car varies from $35 000 to $250 000. The more complex the task to hacking the bigger the cash prize.

With a modest prize appointed for the attack on the infotainment system of the electric vehicle.
A reward of $250 000 will be awarded to the first person or team who will be able to hack any of the three main electronic components: gateway, autopilot or VCSEC.

The Central screen of the Tesla Model 3

Also a reward is offered to the first who hacked the doors, the key FOB or unlock technology electric car with a mobile app. The launch of the electric vehicle without a legitimate key will bring the hacker to the lucky winner of $ 100,000.

What is most interesting, the person or team with the most points, take the Model 3 itself. Pwn2Own will take place at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver in March of this year.

Details of vulnerabilities in the electric car, discovered during the competition, will be sent directly to the office and Tesla are kept secret until the fix.

However, whatever the outcome of the contest, it will be good for Tesla owners and for the winners.

We will remind, last update for the Tesla Model 3 includes the function of protection against theft.

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