How much energy consumes a Tesla Model 3 at -17°C during the night?

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 shared a YouTube video about how to behave Tesla Model 3 for frosty nights. On a cold night when the temperature reached -17°C he spent in the electric vehicle 8 hours.

During this time, the climate control of electric vehicles has been enabled. Recall that the function of the electric car has been not so long ago, with the update called “party&camper mode” when you turn the vehicle continues to maintain the functions of the climate system, even when parked.

How much energy consumes the Tesla Model 3 over night at very low temperatures?

The results of the experiment in a good way surprised, based on calculations, Model 3 used 2,4375 kWh per hour for an eight-hour period spent about 19.5 kWh on average, this is approximately 3% loss of energy per hour of the total capacity of the battery, the stock of which at the beginning of the experiment was 67.5 kilowatt (90% charge from full capacity at 75 kWh).

Thus, in Model 3 one can easily spend the night even in fairly cold weather and you still have enough energy to go on the road the next day.

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